Upcoming Presentations

I have two presentations this spring with colleagues from Wake Forest University on work concerning college student wellbeing.  

ACPA: Tuesday, March 8  The Engine Model for Understanding And Assessing Student Wellbeing 

College student wellbeing is a topic of great interest among student affairs professionals, faculty, and the general public, yet there is not a comprehensive understanding of college student wellbeing. The Wake Forest Wellbeing Assessment uses a new theoretic framework: the engine model of wellbeing. From this model a survey was created to measure wellbeing with the expressed intent to provide actionable information to program and policy for students. Results from the pilot in fall 2015 will be presented and discussed.

NASPA: Monday, March  Creating a Theory-Based Well-Being Assessment for Undergraduates

The Wake Forest Wellbeing Assessment helps inform program and policy changes that promote wellbeing. The presenters will describe a new integrative theory of well-being that is focused on applicable measures and results that can be impacted in a college setting, how this theory was translated into a student survey, describe the results of our first pilot administration of the survey, and use this information to drive audience discussion.